A highly customized approach to help you achieve Excellence  

A year-long personalized program for the mid/senior-level data leaders to excel at their best. Are you invested in growing and succeeding in your career by giving your best?

Do you know  your leadership blind spots?

When inspiration is driving your work, you will find the way.

Our most comprehensive coaching package, Mastery 1:1, is designed to provide you the right amount of help in the area where you need the most, at the level, intensity, and urgency you need, to help you succeed as a Datapreneur.

We will still run all the standard assessments, as they help provide valuable insights into your preferences and operating modes and helps gain clarity around what draws you in and what repels you away.

Based on these, we will discuss strategies for doing more of the work that gives you the upside while mitigating and gaining external support for managing areas that stretch for your natural tendencies.

How and How Not To Use This

All the right reasons to get maximum results


  • You are a rising star within your company, got promoted as a data leader based on your overall potential but have limited experience managing data initiatives.
  • You have worked across data initiatives, but understand that there are blinders in your current role and would like on-going unbiased advice as you settle in your new position.
  • You face severe challenges and get heat for low performance and want to fix it but cannot turn to your mentors or managers for advice.
  • You aspire to be your best and understand coaching can be a fast-track approach to learn and grow as a data leader to take on more high-impact opportunities.


  • A substitute for advisory work. If you need on-going advisory for your entire team or fractional data leadership services, explore Khyanafi Advisory Services.
  • A way to create deliverables for your projects, including strategy or planning documents, or specific data products. We support you in delivering outstanding results through our Corpsulting Model.
  • A way to elicit ideas to publish articles, use for vendor pitches or projects, or use in speaking engagements at conferences. We take intellectual property ownership and thought leadership copyrights seriously. 

 The Plan

Pursue Excellence - For yourself, your team, and your company

Mastery 1:1

For Senior and Mid-Level Data Leaders (CDO/SVP/VP/Dir.) 

Pursue Excellence and Inspire Results.

What's included

  • Five Behaviors - Personal Development
  • 16 sessions (approx. 60-90 minutes) over one year period
  • Self-assessments and proprietary content 
  • Unlimited 15-min check-ins, email, and messaging support for one year (reasonable use only)
  • Access to CoachAccountable platform for one year