The Support you need to Land your Next Data leadership role

Whether situations forced you, or you are exploring yourself, or just curious, we are here to help. Are you ready to take your career to new heights starting now?

Do you have a plan to land your next 

Data Leadership role?

"Doing a job well will get me promoted or help me get the next role." 

If you are thinking this way, you cannot be farther away from reality.

Realities about Promotion or a New Leadership Role:

  • A promotion or a new role has nothing to with what you are doing or did in your current or previous position.
  • Your new employer is hiring you based on an optimistic outlook for future results while considering your past performance and capabilities as directional indicators.
  • You are competing with every applicant, and the entire interview process is one of elimination. Your goal is to stay in the race for the most extended period until you get to come out at the top and get to compensation negotiations.
  • Every few years, the entire talent search process and approach change. There are parts of this you can control and others that you cannot. But, you can prepare to position yourself better.

You already know all these based on your previous experience hiring talent and getting hired. You need someone experienced and understanding of the unique requirements of senior roles in your field.  

You now have a partner to help you with your job search.

The importance of data and analytics in enabling a company's future is not in question anymore. There is a general acceptance in the industry, and most CEOs and their management teams get it.

However, large differences exist around deciding the title, extent of coverage, authority, responsibilities, and positioning of the organization's data leader.

Add to it the vast fluctuations in expectations, mandates, and budget, it becomes very critical for you to choose the right opportunity, else risk impacting your career trajectory.

If you are like some of the senior data leaders we coach, you have not searched for a new opportunity outside of your current company for many years now.

Maybe you grew through the ranks and was promoted internally, and now at a point where jumping to another company is the only way to keep the career growth.

Or you tried taking up a few lateral positions but ended up stuck there and looking for a proven way to break the trend and move up.

Whatever be your current situation, our coaching options will provide you expert advice, professional assistance with your search strategies, improved resume and brand positioning, and help with interview and negotiation. 

Who is it for?

Datapreneur-Next coaching is for driven individuals who want to find their next data leadership role.

You have reached a point of accomplishment and want more from your career and are ready for the next.

Maybe your job was eliminated due to a restructuring, economic-hardship, an M&A situation, a management shuffle, or decided to leave on your own for any other reason.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a new job, understand that senior leadership transition needs a focused strategy and approach. You cannot just "wing" the search and interview process.

Do the following statements apply to you? 

If you answer 'Yes' to most of them, you are a good fit for our programs.

  • Just as the company wants to evaluate the candidates, you believe in doing thorough research, considering the opportunity for growth, learning, personal branding, and making a difference.
  • You have reached a point where your abilities are better used for more considerable business impact and personal financial growth than your current job provides.
  • You are bored in your current situation. You are just ready for a change, to something bigger, rewarding, challenging, and new. You need to know how to go about making the change.

Finding the next opportunity requires a structured and focused approach. There are many ways for a successful job search, and they all include the 3P's - Planning, Positioning, and Preparation.

 Jumpstart Plans

Get strategic about landing your next data leadership role. 


For Senior Data Leaders (CDO/SVP...)

Looking to Thrive.

What's included

  • Five Behaviors - Personal Development
  • Six 90-min sessions over three months and three additional months of extended support
  • Covers strategy and guidance on career path, resume review, job search, interview approach, negotiation, and positioning. In some cases, connection to opportunities (where available - Not guaranteed)
  • Self-assessments and proprietary content 
  • Unlimited 15-min check-ins, email, and messaging support for six months (reasonable use only)
  • Access to CoachAccountable platform for six months