The Help you need to succeed in your Current Data leadership role

The best place to learn, deliver results, and position for change is usually from where you are now. What can you do to prepare to change your course for the better?

Do you understand and value what you do?

Self-Awareness is the first step towards outstanding leadership.

What does it mean to lead with data? Like most leadership roles, data leadership is more about you, the individual, and less about your circumstances.

If you are like most people who come to us, you got into the data and analytics area either by chance or by a focused-effort. But, you stayed because you took a liking to what your work had to offer - An opportunity to better the business, company, community, or lives of people by using data and analytics in innovative ways.

By doing so, you created a fulfilling and lucrative career for yourself while also working with exceptional individuals and helping your team members grow their careers. 

But the hard truth is, just because you like working with data and analytics doesn't mean you are guaranteed a career trajectory that leads to higher levels of data leadership roles. You seek reliable advice that you can test, adapt, and practice on your own to have accelerated growth.

At every level, what got you there will not help you to get to the next level.

Breaking through to the next level requires a different kind of approach, focus, abilities, prioritization, fortitude, and a range of leadership qualities.

Above all, the higher-up you go, your ability to cause accidental harm to the people, teams, and companies you are part of is increased many folds. Why? Because you will be managing larger groups, multiple functions, sizable budgets, and leading initiatives that will impact the entire company. 

Becoming self-aware, understanding your personality and behavioral tendencies, and others' learning to collaborate and work well across teams is critical to success.

Equipping yourself with proven strategies to handle various situations, learning to think-on-your-feet, and assessing and connecting the variables to make sense of complex scenarios, besides gaining expertise in a range of management and leadership areas, is crucial, and you need to learn quickly.

What better way to learn than from someone who has been in data leadership roles that you are aspiring to grow into?

Who is it for?

Datapreneur-Now coaching is for driven individuals who want to grow and succeed in data and analytics leadership roles.

You take your leadership role seriously and understand it is an opportunity to make a change, and you are willing to act responsibly.

Depending on where you are at currently, there are three ways to work with us. 

Do the following statements apply to you? 

If you answer 'Yes' to most of them, you are a good fit for our programs.

  • Work is more than a "9 am - 5 pm" job for you.
  • You are receptive, open-minded, collaborative, and a life-long learner.
  • You are ambitious, enthusiastic, and strive to do your best in challenging situations. 
  • You understand that building your capabilities as a leader on an on-going basis is crucial to your success and the people who count on you.

Coaching Plans

Are you willing to invest six months to become a better Data Leader?


For Senior Data Leaders (CDO/SVP...) Looking to Thrive.

What's included

  • Five Behaviors - Personal Development
  • Six 90-min sessions over three months and three additional months of extended support
  • Self-assessments and proprietary content
  • Unlimited 15-min check-ins, email, and messaging support for six months (reasonable use only)
  • Access to CoachAccountable platform for six months