You have immense talent, skills, expertise, and unique experience. It's time to rise up to your potential and deliver your best work while enhancing your possibilities. You owe it to yourself and the time is now.

Three Parts that make up the Book

Packed with lessons learned from over two decades of experience, this book addresses tactics, strategies, and mindsets required to own your career and lead yourself.

Mobility Matters

Starts with providing a broader framework of the idea behind Intrapreneurship and career mobility in the context of your professional life and aspirations.

Mobility Planning

Consists of two sections that covers evaluating options and making choices and expands into developing mobili-sense and preparing for long-term growth.

Improve Your Game

Integrating the concepts and content from the first two parts, this part addresses how you become the Intrapreneur and grow the people around you. 

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What's the book about?

While this book covers a variety of topics centered around doing better at work and achieving fulfillment from it, it is largely focused on helping each of us tell a better story about our work itself. Our talent is a gift and the work we do is an opportunity to express that gift. 

The Book - In a nutshell

How would you like to do your best work, accelerate your career, and be in control of the fulfillment you derive from working? And how will your life and those of your loved ones change as a result of this?

Work is an integral part of our lives. Still, the statistics around employee engagement, happiness, satisfaction, and overall employee experience show alarming numbers. 

The usual approach of doing your job well and waiting for recognition and reward doesn’t work. 

So is depending on the company or your manager to assist with your career growth. It will take a long time, a very long time, if you expect everything else to align for you, to reach and stay in a happy place in your relationship with work.

So, what is the alternative?

To focus on yourself and commit to doing your best. The Intrapreneur addresses three main areas to help approach work differently – Tactics, Strategies, and Mindsets. Inside the pages of The Intrapreneur, you will find deep insights into

  • Being an Intrapreneur and the benefits that come with it
  • The stages of career progression and how to make use of them
  • How you can be an Intrapreneur leader even if you are an individual contributor at work
  • How to leverage role models and mentors to fast-track your career
  • Why mastering the spirit of giving is critical to achieving career breakthroughs
  • The three-year rule for managing role transitions
  • People Intelligence – how to effectively work with your manager, peers, and stakeholders
  • Caring for yourself as you walk the path of Intrapreneurship
  • 31 quick tips for starting to practice Intrapreneurship right away

Prakash provides practical insights and easy-to-follow guidelines based on real examples, gained both through his personal experiences and what he has learned from the different people and situations he has come across.

As you dive into these powerful insights, you’ll gain greater confidence to work differently and, more importantly, the drive to create your own story through your work.

As a result, you will find that it is easier to work on your terms, grow your career, collaborate effectively, and thrive as a leader. And with this approach, your impact, earnings, and career will reach new heights.

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