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How to increase your productivity and effectiveness in 7-days?
Why must you stop chasing titles?
Why you should focus on growing larger than your role?
Are you good at receiving as well as giving?
Are you giving up too soon?


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October 20, 2020


Data shortcuts hurting your company?
Why do data initiatives fail?
Why you must revisit your Data Strategy?
Which literacy are you focusing on?
Data Literacy – Another Hype?
Data Strategy for Marketing and Customer Areas
Technical Debt (TD) – what is it and when does a little become too much?

Data Leadership

Ideas to Lead and Win with Data.

Why do you need to be hands-on with your hiring process?
Do you have a technology co-runner?
Data Quality issues are NOT always a data problem
The four areas to address when you have talent issues
How to effectively work through calm and chaos?
100-day checklists: Do they work for a data leader?
Before you let go of that under-performer…

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