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Do you have a technology co-runner?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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“What is the first thing I must do?” – A transitioning #CDO asked me last week.

Without hesitation, I replied, – “Find your Technology co-runner.”

What do you mean? – he asked. Here is a summary of our discussion.

The role is about creating tangible results across the business functions by helping the company transform and grow by leveraging #data #analytics, and #insights and all the new/emerging technology that helps with it.

You are a business leader. You know how most of the business functions work in your industry. It is easy for you to assess, analyze, and plan what must be done in your new role in a shorter time.

Contrary to every popular belief that touts CDO-role as a business role, your success depends on your collective ability to execute well in this Business-Technology role.

You cannot leave every assessment, analysis, and expert input to your peers in technology, as they don’t get to be in all the meetings with you, and it’s impractical to deliver a successful program with dotted-line responsibilities.

So find your technologist, who can speak businessese to be part of your leadership team. Together define what the future must look like by working through the business/technology leaders/SMEs.




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