October 20, 2020


It is tempting to outsource your hiring process to the recruiter/ exec. recruiter from HR or external talent search firm.

After all, let them do their job. Right?

Completely wrong.

Whoever is hired into the role is going to be working with you. And one wrong hire can take your visions, budget, leverage, and goodwill of your department within your company (and outside in some cases) down.

If you want to perform well as a data leader or #CDO, taking an active part and driving the hiring process is necessary. It may not be one of your strong areas, but if you are expecting to grow professionally, it is an area you need to master.

Talent spotting is a skill that can be learned. Yes, we all make mistakes and have a bad hire sometimes, but unintentional mistakes are better than negligence errors.

Every new hire is an opportunity to enhance the performance, outcome, and growth of your team.

By not taking an active part, you are doing a disservice to your existing team members, as they may be left to deal with a bad sub-par hire for a long time.

Put out clear job descriptions, review and talk to many candidates and select the right one. It will be worth the effort.

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