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Why must an intrapreneur always understand the big picture?

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

October 19, 2020

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A surprising fact in many organizations is that many people operate in complete isolation or silos despite the modern work environment’s heightened interconnected nature.

Mostly, an issue arising from the ever-increasing, always prevailing urgency or focus on tactical needs versus strategic progress.

The constant activity gives an illusion of growth, and as a result, many focus on what is at hand now, just within the range of activities they are involved with, without much thought about how their priorities, action, or inaction impacts other areas of the company or the business as a whole.

As an Intrapreneur, you will get good at a few things when you understand the big picture.
– Assess how your role and associated action & inaction impact the company overall
– How can you influence and use the leverage from outside your direct realm of control in enabling effective outcomes?
– How to avoid doing things in isolation that would either need rework or modification later?
– Identify potential for role expansion and increasing your impact across business-critical initiatives.
– And above all, effective use of your time and resources to deliver maximum output.




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