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What to do if your priority is not your peers’ priority?

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

October 19, 2020

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Take the path of least resistance to keep things moving in the desired direction.

My team and I completed analyzing needs, socializing the product, stirring interest/commitment from the user-groups, allocated budget, purchased the tool, and received the product and license keys.

Months went into this effort, and all along, we had kept the infrastructure team in the loop regarding this purchase and our expectations for them to install, configure, and secure the product for rollout.

When we engaged for them for the actual work, complete silence, after 2 emails, no response, finally met with the head of infrastructure & operations. He said his entire group got pulled into something critical for the servicing team, and he reallocated the resources, and it will be 8 weeks before they can support us. (no heads-up, and cloud wasn’t an option).

I was frustrated but curtailed my instincts to challenge and escalate instead came up with another option. That he let my team use the servers, and we will install, configure, and onboard users, but only as a sandbox, while they can productionize after 2 months.

It worked.

Movement is life; stagnation is death.





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