Data Literacy – Another Hype?

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Prakash Baskar

October 19, 2020

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Is #dataliteracy becoming one other buzz word?

Are we over complicating it? Is it getting to the point of creating confusion and fear – just like ‘data governance?’

Just came across a speaker talking about data literacy to include knowing where it is stored, where it is coming from, how to use ……

Isn’t it as simple as someone knowing what they need to know about data to do their job well and make confident decisions?

Depending on the type of job they are doing within the company, the level of interaction and dependency on the data’s details will vary.

Not everyone needs to know everything about data but needs to understand what business processes create data points they own, manage, or interact with.

Approach data literacy from the business-value chain’s standpoint, but largely, the approach seems to be reversed.




Data Literacy

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