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In a new role? Transition rapidly to win.

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

October 19, 2020

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Your “timer” starts when you take-up that new role – Rapid transition is key for your success.

I see a lot of new appointments for #dataleader and #cdo positions. It is an exciting opportunity to grow and transform a company leveraging #data and #analytics.

It also comes with higher responsibilities and expectations. The budget must be finalized, the holiday season will kick-in, employees and leaders will leave, and a plan must be created.

You may be thinking there is time.

Yes, there is, but are you aware your timer started when you accepted that role? Your company executives, stakeholders, and users start to expect great things from you, much earlier than you anticipated.

They understand the power of data and analytics and are willing to work with you to reach the target state.

You do not have a year to create the best plan, hire your best people with the perfect skills, get the most funding.

Unfortunately, we see this happening too often.

And your stakeholders feel let down.

They thought this time would be different. Can it really be? Will it be? If so, how?

Don’t wait too long to start delivering results. The perfect time is Now.

Accelerate your transition to win early, and win often

How are you ensuring that you are off to a great start?




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