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Settling for mediocrity? Don’t.

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

October 19, 2020

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Why do some data leaders and their teams settle for mediocrity?

When discussing a situation during an internal meeting, a question came up.

Mediocre dreams, plans, talent, outcome..wanting to settle for the known and familiar – why do some teams do that?

Some of the responses were:

“The architect had covered the details with his manager earlier but didn’t realize the latter to ignore their earlier meeting totally.”

“The manager is new in the role, promoted quickly over the last year, has no prior experience of managing a function or team.”

“The manager probably was not sure how his manager would react to this proposal.”

There is a theme here. For me, six soft skills stand out, which, when actively promoted across all levels, will make outstanding data results easy to accomplish.

1. Courage – To speak up, explore new options
2. Acceptance – We don’t know what we don’t know
3. Forgiveness – Mistakes are just another form of learning
4. Focus – On process, action, and results, not on actors.
5. Fortitude – Do the right thing
6. Transparency – No need to keep your team members guessing, be open with what you think, and provide constructive feedback.

Companies fail when they don’t get ideas and feedback freely flowing.




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