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How to balance micro-managing Vs. Going towards hands-free?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Micromanagement doesn’t work.

It results in low team morale/productivity and general frustration at work besides several other things.

But, are you making a mistake of being on the other extreme?

Let’s assume you hired a talented set of managers, and they all know their responsibilities within the larger function.

Where do you draw a line concerning how much to get into running that function versus how much to go hands-free?

A common dilemma for any leader, but more for data/analytics leaders as the needs, expectations, possibilities, and the overall ecosystem are constantly evolving.

I do this in any of my roles, with my direct leads, and it has worked well:

1. Of the known items, I let them know what they can run by themselves without consulting with me. (List A)
2. I establish a small set of items where I must be consulted all the time. Depending on how our understanding of each other goes, as needed, I move items from List B to A or vice-versa.
3. I let my managers run the weekly 1:1’s to cancel if no discussion is needed.
4. I ensure there is plenty of informal catch-ups during the first 6 months.
5. The analysts and aspiring leaders run portions of the projects where leads participate.

What has worked for you?




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