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Be a problem-solver or a solution-seeker?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Are you a problem-solver or a solution-seeker?

I just loved jumping into situations that were chaotic or posed difficult problems.

It was a great challenge – to fight against the odds, without giving up and come up with creative options.

Till I started to look at things more broadly.

A problem-solving attitude attracts a lot of problems that you can solve for. You become a magnet for challenges – very good at finding issues and solving/fixing/overcoming them.

But I realized I was leaving out an entire spectrum of possibilities. Opportunities that existed, just waiting to be explored. Once I started looking at all possibilities, and creative opportunities, a whole area around maximizing results and avoiding cost-of-inaction started to present themselves.

From just focusing on removing hurdles, issues, and challenges, I included the catalyst, accelerators, and new avenues for growth and transformation into the approach.

Try it, and you will see the difference when you move from being a problem solver to a solution seeker.




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