Are you giving up too soon?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Growth is great.

Sometimes it takes more patience than rush to grow and realize your dreams for that role.

Two of my recent discussions centered around this topic.

A rising star in the data/analytics area:
– Six roles in under nine years
– Only two of them over 2 years.
– Six months into the role. Manages a team of over 20.

Asked me what he should do to grow in career.

I advised staying put for at least another 2 more years – Else “Peter principle” will hurt his career if he does not spend time learning things needed for the next levels.

A seasoned executive leader
– Just over a year in the current role with plenty of challenges
– Manages a huge team, unsure if what he is doing is working. Sees more challenges than opportunities

I advised him to give it more time to see the benefits of his actions. Some large worthwhile changes take time, and when dealing with a cultural change, visible benefits will take time to show. What is critical is to plan and take action in the desired direction consistently.

If your self-evaluation does not show a hopeful future, ask if you have given enough time. Sometimes, a little bit of patience may be the only thing required.




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