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Which literacy are you focusing on?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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#dataliteracy (DL) – gone too far in one direction?

Is DL the missing link between stagnation (and eventual demise) or growth and prosperity of a company in the context of data?

Depending on whom we talk to, several topics around #dataawareness #dataintelligence #datagovernance #dataprivacy come up.

A recent article mentioned that teaching #datamodeling concepts must be the first step towards DL.

We are taking it too far, to one side.

The word is becoming more important than the purpose.

What is the purpose of the focus on data literacy? My view is to enable a company to #growwithdata and #winwithdata

It is for progress on all fronts – efficient, nimble, profitable, risk/compliance managed..everything that is usually discussed when capturing, managing, and using data in a better way than it is today – overall progress.

If that is the purpose, why only talk about data literacy?

We have a bigger problem: an alarming lack of #businessliteracy among the teams that deal with data and analytics primarily (that includes #datascience teams).

This problem also exists among business teams that do not understand how their activities, systems, functions, and processes are interconnected and influence/influenced by other business teams.



Data Literacy, Datapreneur

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