Why do data initiatives fail?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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“While you write for the #dataleader, the focus seems to be mostly around data leadership and rarely about governance, data quality, and technology – why is that?” – a client asked me yesterday.

Data initiatives deliver sub-par results due to certain gaps.

Rarely the problems are around the underlying technology (they all more/less do the same thing), choice of tools (every tool has about 80-90% of the similar functionality that a user will use), or the process know-how (we have enough governance frameworks, checklists, how-tos)

The problems are due to
1.) Shortage/lack of planning & execution-know-how
2.) Capacity gap
3.) Capability gap.

These issues cannot be solved by working within the data area alone but needs to be addressed across the six areas below:
1. Data/Analytics
2. Business/Technology
3. Process innovation
4. Governance/Controls
5. Organizational Design
6. Talent Management

The programs’ success depends on the level of leadership available – not just with the data leader but across the entire team.



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