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Before you let go of that under-performer…

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Letting go of an under-performing team member is hard.

It is not just a factual discussion or decision, but a good leader would also explore internally, “have I done all I could have done to set that person up for success?”

We live in a constantly evolving situation at work, and as a former-CDO and data leader, I can say that data and analytics area is in a constant state of change.

It is difficult to keep up with the pace of change for any individual.

So, how do you handle when any of your team members are not performing?

Here are some ideas: (do these before you tag the person as UP):

1. Listen more: Before you form hard opinions, hear what she has to say.

2. Categorize her skill-sets/behaviors into – Good, Scope for improvement and Need to go/Not useful

3. Take a collective capability approach:
Hardly any meaningful deliverable is a single person’s effort. Can you use some of the “good” items in other areas of your team? can you pair her with other people to leverage collective strengths? Can you move to a different role within your team or company?

4. Can she be coached at all? Is she willing to be coached?

No? Then do what is needed.



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