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How to effectively work through calm and chaos?

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Are there really distinct periods of calm or chaos?

We think something will be tough, and it turned out to be easier to accomplish without much effort. What we approached to be easy turned out to be a challenging scenario.

In CDO roles, you rarely get to choose what you inherit in your new role.

On day 1, the platforms, technology, team, and problems/opportunities are yours when you join.

You do not have a long settling-in period or the ability to pick and choose what you want to handle and what you want to blame your predecessor for ( (you can, but are you a leader by passing blame? Buckle up and do the needful).

So what can you do? A few pointers
1. Ensure that what worked yesterday does not fail today.
2. The talent within your team may not be there where you want to go. Start organizing them differently, leveraging strengths, and moving people away from weaknesses.
3. Make sure you free up time for you and your leaders. Calm and Chaos don’t exist in isolation. It all comes down to prioritization, creating capacity, and refocusing/re-channeling capabilities
4. Winning with data is a team sport – in terms of people, skills, availability, leadership.
5. Resources are not your problem, but resourcefulness is.




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