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The four areas to address when you have talent issues

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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Are you having talent issues? They are a combined effect of Perceptions, Hearsay, Capacity, Alignment, and Capability.

If you are facing talent issues, you must look at the first four before letting go of that employee or consultant assuming capability problems.

1. Perception: Is it true? Have we communicated enough or communicated expectations at all?

2. Hearsay: Some environments are highly political. When people cannot win with good work, the blame-game starts. Are you listening to grape-vine/water-cooler mentions rather than talking directly?

3. Capacity: Are we overloading the individual to the point of not having the time to address anything else? Maintenance and growth need different mindsets/availability. If the individual meets your expectations on maintenance at full capacity, and you want growth, how can you free up capacity?

4. Alignment: Maybe there was an urgent need in one area, and you put the individual into the role. Are you planning to move the person to their core-strength area so you can get the most benefits? Org design is fluid, and we have more problems than available talent, and with the right design, great results are possible.

If all else is done, it is a capability issue, so coach-out or let-go.



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