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Why must you stop chasing titles?

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

October 20, 2020

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Two things we must never do in our professional life.

1. Chase titles
2. Compare yourself with the growth trajectory of others.

I talk to several data leaders every week and a topic that often comes up is ‘I want to be VP or director or CDO’.

Titles are all over. In one firm a VP reports to a director who reports to a managing director.

In another, a director reports to an MD who report to a VP.

In another, a director or SVP does more than many CDO’s elsewhere.

Which one signifies career growth?

Some people compare that their colleagues or schoolmates are in such and such position already and they haven’t made it.

Your career growth is determined by several things and your effort is only part of it.

Your manager, Team, company situation, market/economic situation (remember COVID?), changing customer preferences, geopolitical situation determines growth.

Lastly, the individuals’ ability to handle uncertainty or accept lifestyle modifications plays a big role.

Would you relocate, travel 80 miles one way, tolerate a rude boss? You don’t know what they had to do to get there.

Yes – they mostly worked hard, some were lucky.

Stop comparing and run your own race.

All will be fine.

Attitude and effort are yours. Focus on that.

What do you think?




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