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To Succeed with Data, Learn This First

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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If you do not know the following 5 things about your company, you should start learning them right away and do it consistently

1. How does your company make money?
2. How can your company lose money?
3. How can your company function effectively?
4. What can your company do differently to reduce the cost of managing risk/compliance/privacy?
5. What can you do to ensure your fellow-employees do better at their jobs?

You do not have to be a manager or team leader to do this. I sometimes find that some senior leaders in data and analytics do not have a view of this fundamental aspect.

The company expects this from every employee, consultant or contractor who work in any area, whether as part of business or technology teams. If you are in data, analytics or decision science role, and you are ignorant of these details, you are doing a disservice to the company and its leaders.

What do you think? Is this expecting too much?



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