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When to think about Data Security?

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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When is the right time to start thinking about #datasecurity?

As you are defining or redefining your #datastrategy.

Data security must also be checked for validity when working on a major project, when sharing data with vendors/partners or when releasing an API/App.

In general, it is good practice to include an approval step for any data projects going through the architecture review board process.

Data security is an important topic, but can easily get complicated, if we try to satisfy every stakeholder. Instead, try to understand the overall usage patterns and how the requirements can be bundled.

During a program to integrate data from over 300 systems, as the lead solution/security architect, I had the pleasure of meeting with 37 attorneys from across the prominent countries where the bank was doing business.

The problem, all of them were on the same call, as privacy office wanted to approach the discussion that way. We ended up with a complex design, soon to realize that was not sustainable and had to switch to a segmented approach.



Data Security

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