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Sponsoring Data Initiatives: Clarity

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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How can a sponsor increase the success rate of data and analytics initiatives? (C6: Clarity)

I saved the most important ‘C’ for the last post in this series.

The primary sponsor is the vision owner and bringing clarity to the initiative is their primary responsibility.

I see clarity in 2 parts:

1. Being clear about the “Why” and messaging it to the team/company as communication and adoption is a major hurdle for data and analytics initiatives.

2. Bringing on-going clarity by helping the project leaders with shifts:
 a. Cohesion – Helping data leaders with establishing a cohesive organizational stance – provide air cover, escalation and intervention when needed.
            b.  Cross-impacts from other business initiatives that the sponsor is aware of that could impact the data program.
            c. Continuous feedback: Early warning of impending problems, new developments, leverage shifts, c-suite opinions, etc. Every data leader can do well with more frequent informal feedback from the sponsor that will help with doing more of what works and stopping what doesn’t.



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