How to work with Consultants?

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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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Missed opportunities when engaging consultants and vendor resources:

About 9 years ago, I joined a data organization that has never used any consultants or off-shore vendors. yes, surprising.

So there was a lot of apprehensions (understandably), but the bigger challenge was what to outsource and what not to do. Even after a year, consultants were used only for the low-value work.

In another organization, consultants were not allowed to learn any of the new tools/technology brought in, as the belief was that we shouldn’t be training them.

In fact, the people we had were extremely good, that they picked up the tools in a few weeks and became the inhouse experts, who I was able to pair-up with employees or own a portion of work by themselves.

We live in a gig economy, and there will always be situations when consultants are used. If we drop us vs them approach, and truly run the organization as a single entity, with a 1-team/1-goal approach, data initiatives will see impactful results much faster.




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