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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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The problem with stale data – how stale is stale?

A conference invite I received this morning in my email read “As Senior Vice President Chief Data Officer Head of Risk Management at Santander Consumer USA, I thought you may be interested in sharing your experiences and meeting new data & analytics leaders”

I would have been elated – except if the data wasn’t sooo stale.

1. That information is 2 years and 5 months outdated
2. Is partially incorrect – I was never Head of Risk Management

#staledata is never talked about. It probably can cause more damage in decision-making, future plans, marketing, pricing, risk assessment or other corporate strategies where data is relied upon.

This is not the same as getting new data and all of the data. It is about going back to your data repositories and consistently validating what is relevant and applicable for today’s usage and needs.

An easier way to do it is to identify all of your business processes that will be impacted by stale data, and set some kind of staleness thresholds/tolerance levels, just like #dataquality thresholds.

What challenges have you faced with stale data?



Data Quality

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