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September 19, 2020

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When is it the right time to clean up a data mess?

First day of the start of school year is always something. For kids, this means switching from summer routine to school time.

The first few days are going to be even more challenging for us as my elder child is entering middle school and the younger one is still in elementary.

As I came down to the kitchen I saw a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. A2 goes ‘I accidentally knocked it off, daddy’. A1 seconds that, ‘yes, he kept it over the book and it toppled’. A common scenario.

But question is, what do you do when you identify issues with the data? When something doesn’t seem right, or when we know it is wrong and wasn’t corrected with the recent business change? Or when a quick-fix approach was taken when there was no time to do it right?

Do you make it widely known? Or do you have a way to fix it immediately? Or do you add the problem to the list of items to be taken care of?

Data issues must be resolved not just to cover the immediate problem, but to avoid further accidents. So that your users can confidently use for business decisions, your customers are treated right etc..

In the case of my example, to avoid someone else slipping and falling due to spilled water.



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