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Sponsoring Data Initiatives: Commitment

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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How can a sponsor increase the success rate of data and analytics initiatives? (C2: Commitment)

IMO, this is where the disconnect between the sponsors’ understanding of expectations and needs of the reality happens.

Let’s assume, that at this point, the sponsor committed to supporting the initiative and funded it.

Winning with data & analytics requires that the sponsor commitment happens in stages. First at the decision to fund it, next when gathering internal support within their function/teams.

Right before, or at the time of funding, if we are able to get a co-runner (senior enough to make decisions, intervene, provide support, rally their internal teams etc) from the sponsor’s organization to work closely with the data leader, we are setting the initiative to succeed from the beginning.

In earlier posts, I have advocated for shared-goals / responsibilities that have a performance component attached to provide the right level of invested interest.

If a CXO is investing their budget, it’s only right to have someone who can look after their interests and partner closely with the data leader to “make things happen”.



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