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Sponsoring Data Initiatives: C-suite Evangelism

Datapreneur Khyanafi
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Prakash Baskar

September 19, 2020

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How can a sponsor increase the success rate of data and analytics initiatives? (C4: C-Suite Evangelism)

As a sponsor, you liked the business case, embraced the future vision, identified a co-runner from your team to work closely with the data leader/CDO, and doing your best that your team is aligned on this.

Now what? Since you have done everything you could, the project will be a success. Right?

Not quite yet.

The previous 3 steps (C1-Currency, C2-Commitment & C3-Culture) were all within your direct control. But we are in a data and information age, where every business function is connected.

Pricing relies on risk, compliance relies on servicing,  accounting relies on operations, operations rely on product etc. and all of them are tied together through technology to run a unified profitable and ethical business.

As a sponsor, you have access to the C-Suite much more than anybody who is actively working on the project. You are to be the evangelist, gathering visibility for the project.

Your peers may either be interested and want to know more, help you with impending issues due to changes in their functions, or want to co-sponsor as they can use the output.



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